Pigs Love Potatoes

Blog 2766 – 05.26.2023

Pigs Love Potatoes

And so do I, mashed, fried, boiled, and baked, I love potatoes. With or without gravy, hash-browned, with our without butter, I have had them a hundred or more different ways that to recount would make me sound a lot like Forest Gump’s best good friend Bubba naming the ways one can prepare shrimp.

Potatoes were discovered in the New World more plentiful and life-sustaining than gold. The Irish potato did not originate there but was brought back from South America. As a boy our evening meal consisted of pinto beans, baked cornbread, and fried potatoes. The only variation at my Grandma Lily’s when we ate at her table sometimes was that she substituted hot homemade biscuits for my mama’s cornbread. Mama made biscuits for breakfast but never for supper unless we had breakfast for supper which was always a welcome treat.

Our neighbors for a while when I was a young boy, the Cole’s, had fried potatoes for breakfast along with scrambled eggs, and bacon or sausage all covered with white gravy. Yum

Pigs do indeed love potatoes. Once while watching my mom peel potatoes I asked her if I could have a small one. She rinsed one off, gave it to me, and I ate it like an apple, peel and all. Yet another way I have eaten potatoes.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Pigs Love Potatoes

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