Bang The Drum Softly

Blog 2756 – 05.16.2023

Bang The Drum Softly

I almost missed sharing one of the Richard Cosgrove Serendipity series children’s books this go round but here it is. My friend Deb in Wisconsin who inspired me to read and record all these children’s books says her children Alicia and Jim, when they were little, and her granddaughter Amelia, who still is, love these stories. Amelia also loves pie too, but all pie to her is strawberry. So it is with many of us at least on certain subjects that our taste is perhaps not that discerning.

The couple, Adam and Eve, were warned against eating of fruit of the tree in the center of the garden for if they did they would know good and evil and everything would forever taste different. Their singular view point would change and they would begin to question everything thing and everyone.

Why would anyone in their right mind leave paradise? Only someone with two conflicting minds. People are diagnosed schizophrenic if they hear voices others do not and act on them. In the introduction to one of my favorite books and movies, Legends of the Fall, Stab, a warrior of the Cree Nation, begins the story of the life of Tristan Ludlow with the line “Some people listen to their inner voices and become legend, they become crazy.” Oh, and I believe that is so and that we are all a bit crazy, some more than others, usually the other guys.

There are I believe two minds in all of us. And the voices of those two often conflict to the point that we are torn in two most of the time. Some people in an effort to avoid responsibility, making choices, or to simplify their lives believe that we are predisposed and predestined to make the choices and live the lives we do. I do not think that we are merely performers in someone else’s play but that we chose to take this role and can indeed rewrite our part and yes even rewrite the stars.

Tristan in the story hears the voice of the bear in him and goes in search of a good death starting early. Surprisingly even to ole Stab, Tristan lives to a ripe old age, out living most of not all of those he loved in life. For most of my young life I believed that death would find me early. At almost seventy three I am beginning to re-think that for the estimated time of my departure is already off by few years if not decades. It remains to be scene how many more acts this particular play may yet have.

Some of us like Tristan listen to our own inner voices and act on them, crazy as that may sound. We all dance or march to some piper or drummer. I believe we choose the beat and tune that moves us, be that a rave or a dirge. With every breath we take and every heart beat the siren voices, the pipers, and the drummers call but we choose to listen and be moved by them or not.

David White


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