Sweet Dreams, Don’t Worry Baby

Blog 2755 – 05.15.2023

Sweet Dreams, Don’t Worry Baby

It is a wish loving parents often say aloud to their children at bedtime and lovers to their beloved, but what do we mean? Our childish imaginations often create monsters that are not there and some monsters for whatever reason seem all too real like wars, famine, and diseases, so real that we hate to name them lest by so doing we give them more power and sway than they already exercise over us. Fright, flight, and denial are three ways in which we try to deal with these dark dreams.

I was sharing a particularly difficult problem I have trying to understand why terrible things happen with my very intelligent and astute son yesterday when he and his wife came by yesterday to celebrate Mother’s Day with my wife and I. I recall saying something like, I am not religious but I do consider myself a spiritual person yet I have a difficult time understanding how or why a loving and infinite higher power can allows so much pain and suffering in this world. In the course of our conversation my son shared that he deals with that problem by not dwelling on things he cannot understand. We both agreed with the line from the Serenity Prayer about asking the serenity to accept the things we cannot change and the wisdom or discernment to know the things we can change and should from those we cannot and should not worry ourselves trying to change.

To me it helps to remember that this is all a dream that the Lord and we made together. We cannot blame it all on God nor He/She on us. We are not damned to play out a role in a play we did not write but this vivid dream is ours to direct and correct as we can. Even the parts we cannot change we can change attitude regarding them. Though our story may at times seem like Job’s, all too overwhelming, if we listen with our heart of hearts we can still hear our loving parent and adoring companion saying, “Sweet dreams and don’t worry, Baby, everything will turn out alright.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


The Dream Tree

Don’t Worry Baby (Remastered 2001)

Don’t Worry Baby (Remastered 2001)

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