Made To Shine

Blog 2739 – 04.29.2023

Made To Shine

According to legend and even modern science once there was only darkness void of life and bang a light switch turned on and there was light and life. Jesus said, “Ye (or we) are the light of the world.” Some people think God or Jesus only speaks to them and that they are the chosen ones. I believe with James that God does not play favorites.

But back to what the words God and Jesus had to say about Who and Whose we are and what we are here to do. We are the light of the world and the purpose of light is to shine. Long before there was an electric light bulb or a power grid to plug into there was light. Even before that first bolt of lightning started the first fire to warm and see at night by we have been keepers of the flame and bearers of the light.

We have been tasked to shine and to dispel darkness wherever we find ourselves. Jesus at the passing of his more well-known (at the time) cousin John the Baptizer said, “We were glad for a while to rejoice in his light.” It is a fine testimony for anyone that he or she served their purpose and did their job well.

Keep on shining, Starshine.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Dionne Warwick – No Night So Long (Subtitles PT/ENG)

Dionne Warwick – No Night So Long (Subtitles PT/ENG)

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