Interesting Characters

Blog 2738 – 04.28.2023

Interesting Characters

Children’s literature is full of interesting characters. In my travels I have made the acquaintance of more than a few myself with fascinating tales that entertained the child in me. One of the three E’s, guiding principles, and goals of this blog from the beginning over eight years ago has been to entertain, the other two being to encourage and to enlighten.

We all want to be the heroes of our own stories and persons of interest except perhaps in criminal cases. Most of us are content to have starring roles in the lives of our immediate families and a few friends while others are not satisfied until everybody’s knows their name and they have achieved a measure of worldwide fame.

Cap’n Smudge, Captain Crunch, Captain Marvel, and Captain Kangaroo are but a few of the interesting characters who have made such a mark. It might surprise us someday to learn just how many have found us to be an interesting character and who greatly appreciate the role that we have played in their lives.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Cap’n Smudge

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