Seeking And Audience

Blog 2736 – 04.26.2023

Seeking An Audience

All that writers, speakers, singer-songwriters, and teachers need is an audience. The same may be said to be true of children’s book readers. Some years ago a dear friend that I met while on a work assignment in Wisconsin became a grandmother (Gamma actually) and asked me to record some children’s books that she has saved for her first grandchild. Thus began for me a months long project where I made over two-hundred recording for Miss Amelia Curtis, my friend Deb’s granddaughter who just turned four last month.

In September my son and his wife are expecting a baby girl so I am dusting off these recordings and trying to find all the books that I read for Amelia to gift the both to a precious little audience yet to be named. I notice that these recordings and the blogs that I wrote about them are still being listened to and read around the world.

I have been diligent in the recordings to read the title, author and publishers name so that anyone wishing to secure a copy of the books can do so. In my small way I hope I have helped these authors to find an even greater audience. I am glad and grateful to have found my audience and hope that even after I have shuffled of this particular stage that the echoes of my brief performance will reverberate for future audiences that I will never know. Writers are always seeking an audience and audiences are always seeking to hear and to read the encouraging word.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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