Did You Ever Have A Feeling?

Blog 2729 – 04.19.2023

Did You Ever Have A Feeling?

Did you ever have a feeling that you were not alone, that someone was watching, stalking you perhaps? Myths abound about gremlins, ghosts, goblins, imps, and demons bound and determined to mess with us and make our lives miserable. On the other hand others say that we are born alone and that we die alone. I have a feeling that there is another more plausible explanation for the presence we sometimes sense.

We are not alone, but our loving and infinite source, our higher best self, is ever with us, not to judge and condemn us, nor to mess with us, but to as the song says “Guide us with a light of love.”

Some days like yesterday I can get pretty wordy, but not today. I feel like being brief. I feel myself connected and a part of the Universe and that we all are. A philosopher long ago said to someone not ready to go home that angels send to guide them there might seem like demons trying to steal their lives away. Another wrote that we have all entertained angels unaware.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Alabama – Angels Among Us (Official Video)

Alabama – Angels Among Us (Official Video)


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