Dancing On The Moon

Blog 2730 – 04.20.2023

Dancing On The Moon

I briefly mentioned in a recent blog the laughable term “alternate facts.” Facts are facts but with so many conspiracy theories around today many seem confused as to what the facts really are. That we have been lied to by confidence men pretending to be salesmen, lawyers, politicians, and preachers is a fact of life.

My mother’s dad, my Paw Paw, died convinced that the moon landing was filmed on a Hollywood set and never actually took place. Robert F. Kennedy, son of the late Senator from New York who was also Attorney General in his brother John F. Kennedy’s administration, believes vaccinations cause Autism and other things and should all be avoided. Many believe the last Presidential Election was stolen with no evidence to support either claim. Adolf Hitler wrote in his book regarding the power of persuasion and propaganda that the bigger the lie you tell the more people will believe it.

In the early nineteen fifties when I first began my latest adventure in time and space a Senator from Wisconsin caused a great stir claiming that he had irrefutable evidence that there were X number of card-carrying Communists in the government. Senator Joseph McCarthy never produced that proof and could never keep the supposed number of Communists straight either. It seemed to grow as did his following.

McCarthy’s young lawyer and advisor was Roy Cohn who years later would be a long time adviser to another infamous fact bender, Donald John Trump.

Another famous early nineteen-fifties character Ralph Kramden portrayed by The Great One, Jackie Gleason, often exaggerated the facts too and though he loved his wife when exasperated with her often would yell, “One of these days, Alice…to the moon” indicating he might knock her there. The early TV sitcom was called the Honeymooners and not because they acted like they wanted to go dancing on the moon.

Yet another early fifties TV show, Dragnet starring Jack Webb as Detective Sergeant Joe Friday had Joe offering his signature line while questioning lady witnesses, “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

Here’s a fun fact. NASA is planning a new mission to the moon as are the Chinese and others. Maybe some of us yet will go dancing on the moon.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


The Berenstain Bears On The Moon

Someday We’ll Know

Someday We’ll Know

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