Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

Blog 2711 – 04.01.2023

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

As a boy I dreamed of Christmas, but it only came once a year. Where I grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we almost always had snow before Christmas, if not on the day, and several times till spring arrived sometime in late March. I have lived over half of my seventy-two years in Houston, Texas where we only rarely see snow and usually then only flurries that leave little to no accumulation.

Some years ago I spent two winters in Wisconsin where winter is by far the longest season and snow comes and lingers longer in glorious drifts that the snowplows work diligently to keep off the highways so people can get to work and home again.

I met one on my dearest friends in the lovely little town of Mineral Point, Wisconsin while spending the first of those two winters in The Traveler’s Inn there because the campground where I parked my little house on wheels closed each year from November first through April first. Even in October and April the water in the campground might be shut off to prevent freezing and hot showers were only available in the camp shower house. There was usually plenty of snow days even in October and April.

My friend and I stay in touch, talking and texting back and forth not just about the weather but surely about that too. Deb knows how much I love snow and always says Happy Birthday to me every time it snows there. Snow on my birthday was always to me a very special gift. Christmas and birthdays for some come only once a year but snow days to me are like Christmas and birthdays rolled into one. I love big rain days too. Sunshine is nice too, but to me most especially after a deep snow or a down pour of liquid love from above. Both make me think that no matter what the calendar says, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” to this birthday boy.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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