Birthday Wishes and Big Game Hunting

Blog 2712 – 04.02.2023

Birthday Wishes and Big Game Hunting

Tomorrow is my son Jay’s thirty-third birthday. Jay is short for Jonathan David James Wallace White. That was a lot of name for a little eight pound baby boy born to adoring parents one score and thirteen years ago, but we knew there was greatness packed into that tiny bundle.

Like his Grandpa White did, Jay likes to be out in the woods. He and his wife Lauren recently purchased twenty acres in the East Texas Piney Woods just six mikes from the Louisiana state line near the town of Weir, Texas. Jay loves to hunt or maybe like many of us guys he just likes to hide-out in the woods. In a few months Jay and Lauren expect the arrival of their first child, a little girl. Jay will be outnumbered by the women in his home. He already was when he married Lauren. The old adage is, “Man is the head but the neck turns the head.” We guys are always outnumbered, outmanned, and so glad and grateful that women are the fairer sex.

I am glad that Jay will soon get to know how wonderfully scary it is to be a dad but I am also glad he has twenty acres in the Piney Woods to retreat to and share with his girls.

I woke up early thinking about what might make a good birthday gift for Jay. Knowing how much he loves being in the woods and hunting I ordered a twin pack of game cameras capable of sending pictures to his cell phone. That way he can keep two eyes on his property even when work and family responsibilities keep him in Houston.

Happy Birthday, Son. may all your birthday wishes come true.

Your friend, fellow traveler, watcher, and proud dad,

David White

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Ben Platt – River [Official Audio]

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