Blog 2705 – 03.26.2023


Even Sesame Street in the mid-nineteen seventies when the Equal Rights Amendment seem so close to ratification thought that one day we might have a woman President. Almost fifty years later women still are denied equal pay for equal work and the two old white guys who ran for President last cycle seem to be poised for a repeat of the 2020 campaign.

Women I believe are better consensus and team builders and for that reason better managers and executives as a whole. There are more women than ever in politics, but we have yet to see a lot of consensus and compromise between the vying parties and factions. I remain hopeful that some young girl’s dream of becoming President of the United States of America will yet come true in my lifetime. I may have to achieve my personal goal of living to a hundred to see it. I hope I happens sooner than later.

My granddaughter, expected in September, will be born into a world far different than the one I was born into in 1950. The half way point of the last century was not so different from the first half. Many of the technological inventions of the nineteen twenties and thirties were just coming to market and starting to change the look of the country and the world. I remember as a boy reading articles about the handful of one hundred year olds at that time talking about how the country and world had changed in their lifetimes.

In 2008 Apple introduced the first smart phone and how the world has changed since that innovation. Young women who know how to navigate this brave new world will find their way to positions of power in all sectors including the political and will finally have a turn at hopefully make this a better world. The Patriarchal System has long been antiquated, broken, and in need of a more viable and equitable system to replace it. There are already many women better prepared and qualified to be President than the candidates we see currently being talked about. Their day is coming, even so, come quickly.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

GOLF -Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden is a tired old concept and sport. I use the term sport in a political correct sort of way for it looks to me more like just men walking around in loud pants. Anything men can do women can do better and usually with a lot more style, with far less mess, and with little or no collateral damage to people or the environment.

I Want To Be President


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