Bless The Beasts And The Children

Blog 2702 – 03.23.2023

Bless The Beasts And The Children

One of my favorite writers, C.S. Lewis, is most famous for his children’s stories involving children who have been transported to a magical land called Narnia where the animals talk. In addition to the two hundred and ninety-six recorded children’s book readings that I already have recorded I plan to record the six book Narnia series as well. It will be a long project and the crowning jewel of my David Reads Children’s Book project.

The Carpenter’s song, Bless The Best And The Children, is one of my wife’s favorite songs, mine too. “In this world they have no choice, they have no voice.” We have not always made the best choices for them. Thousands of animal species have already gone extinct already with many more about to. We do not even know yet how many species the burning the Amazon rainforest will end up destroying, perhaps even our own.

The sad old saying is, “He’d sell is own grandmother for a buck.” We have destroyed so many beautiful creatures and endangered the futures of our children and grandchildren for the all mighty dollar. Still we sing and pray for a divine blessing upon these selfish and horrendous choices. Our happiness, our blessedness, and that of all creatures great and small depends upon us making better more informed choices.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Elmo’s First Book Of Animals

Bless The Beasts And The Children

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