Bubbles Over Troubles

Blog 2700 – 03.21.2023

Bubbles Over Troubles

The Bible says, “Man is destined for trouble as the sparks fly upward.” But I do not believe that the Bible is the word of God in whole and in part but merely the collective sayings of mostly men and men get it wrong more often than not and all the ladies said, “Aye Men.” A little aside here, I end my daily mantra with the words:

“I make these and all my intentions for the good of the Universe, myself, and all people everywhere. So be it and it is so. Ah man and ah woman, aye men and aye women.”

I do not believe in any destiny or fate but what we choose. I believe though it may seem at times that we have no choice that we can and do always choose what thoughts we think. We can in every situation choose bubbles over troubles. Both are short lived but choosing to think of the first helps us to remember to think like children fascinated with bubbles instead of like dreading adults weighed down by troubles and the cares of this life. The later is not truly living but dying a slow and painful death.

Wanna feel young and stay young at heart and in mind? Remember the line from the song, How Do You Get To Tomorrow Land?:

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Bubbles, Bubbles


You Make Me Feel So Young

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