Baby’s First Christmas

Blog 2699 – 03.20.2023

Baby’s First Christmas

The little Christmas ornament pictured above is from a very special baby’s first Christmas at our house. Our son Jonathan was born on April third, 1990 and will be celebrating this Christmas with his lovely wife Lauren, if all goes according to plan, their new baby girl’s first Christmas. They are expecting her arrival in September.

One of the best and most beautiful gifts that my wife and I ever gave to one another was a precious bundle of joy. The cartoon Rug Rats was very popular in 1990 and our baby boy in his walker looked a lot like the little boy Tommy in the cartoons as well as the ornament above.

We can hardly wait for our granddaughter’s first Christmas. My dear friend Deb in Wisconsin, almost three years a Gamma to her daughter’s daughter Amelia, advised me by text yesterday to enjoy every precious moment that I can with the new princess coming into our lives. I texted back that I plan to do that very thing and to be one more voice to remind her how fully and completely she is loved.

As a little boy I always looked forward to Christmas and that little boy still lives in me. This Christmas I want to especially thank a little girl for making me a grandpa. What a wonderful gift.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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