Reading To Children

Reading To Children

Blog 2698 – 03.19.2023

Several years ago at the request of a friend I recorded myself reading some children’s books for her new granddaughter Amelia. My friend had sent me a box of books that she had read to her children when they were little that she wanted to make sure were a part of Amelia’s life. I happily began the project and recorded one reading each morning before going to work before I wrote and published this daily blog.

After completing the books my friend had sent, I scoured the resale shops looking for little treasures to also record for Amelia and then mailed them to my friend to pass along to her growing grand baby. In all I recorded two hundred and ninety-six separate readings. Many of the smaller books I read in one recording but the larger books I recorded one chapter at a time. Oh, and I found some classics like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The Velveteen Rabbit.

Upon having my son and daughter-in-law’s permission to share the wonderful new of a grand baby girl expected to arrive in September, I thought I might share these recording again with all who read or will one day read these blogs.

I am also going to start looking for each of the books again so that my first grand child will have not just her parents and grandparents’ voices reading the words but the pictures as well to enjoy as Amelia does. I hope to share other treasures with my granddaughter but mostly to make sure she knows what a treasure she is. We all are and we have this divine and eternal treasure in earthen vessels the Bible says. Even science says you cannot destroy energy or matter only change it’s shape. These tiny clay bodies cannot long hold or contain the exceeding weight of glory that we are and yet what treasures and wonderful adventures await even in this world.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

A Whole New World

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