Tempted To Get Back On Facebook

Blog 2697 – 03. 18.2023

Tempted To Get Back On Facebook

Some years ago now I closed my Facebook account because I had become disenchanted with the way it seemed to help divide us more than bring us together. Yesterday my wife’s sister Sarah, who is as surely my own, shared a couple of things that my son Jonathan (Jay) and his wife Lauren have shared on Facebook recently and I am tempted to reestablish my account.

If I indeed do it will be the third time for me. Many years ago, my daughter Emily persuaded me to get on Facebook so I could stay closer in touch with what was going on in her life and reconnect with family and friends that I had not been in touch with in years. She posted almost daily and it was nice to know what was happening in her life. After Emily passed in 2012 it was also nice to see what the many friends whose lives she had touched had to say about her but soon the memory of Emily faded from Facebook and I was overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of animosity that seemed to prevail in most posts that I saw. So I left Facebook only to return a few years later mainly to promote my own daily blog:www.theencouragingword.co

“Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day.”

For some time I have had as many friends and followers of my daily blog as I had “friends” on Facebook when I left Facebook again over five years ago. And although occasionally someone may disagree with something I post I have yet to be attacked as I was on Facebook for expressing a difference of opinion political, religious, or otherwise.

I do not like the idea of missing anything about my son and daughter’s lives especially regarding my wife and my first ever granddaughter’s pending arrival. But for the time being I am continuing to resist the temptation to get back on the Facebook merry-go-round.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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