The Challenges Of Life

Blog 2696 – 03.17.2023

The Challenges Of Life

More than any other woman (and they have all been challenging) Linda Lee Stokes has been the most challenging woman of my life. I believe it is life challenges that stretch us to be the highest and best versions of ourselves. Someone wrote of divine love, “O, Love that will not let me go…” Of the true goddess and greatest love of my life I must say she brings out the best in me for she challenges me at every turn and will not let me rest at second best.

My mother was like that, demanding, challenging. As I said, all the women in my life have been and in a few months when my son and his wife bring their new baby daughter home from the hospital, I am sure she will be quite demanding and challenging too. But it is Linda Lee for as long as I am fortunate to walk this path with her that continues to challenge me most.

Life brings us challenges to cause us to rise to the occasion, solve the puzzle, find a fix for the problem, to make the good better and the better best. My loving and infinite source knew that I and everyone of us needs a “helpmeet” to help us meet all the challenges of life. Another phrase from my daily mantra fits so so appropriately here, “I mirror you, I admire you, I worship you.”

By beloved younger brother asked me on the phone a couple of days ago, “Have you finished your honey do list yet?” Smiling I replied, “Never.” But thanks to years of patience training I am prepared to meet whatever challenges life might present.

Your Friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Epilogue: To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, “all that I am or ever hope to be I owe to my loving and challenging wife.”

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