The Tug Of That String

Blog 2693 – 03.14.2023

The Tug Of That String

Yesterday, after eating breakfast out, my wife Linda and I stopped in the Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brushes along White Oak Bayou near our home in Houston, Texas to fly a kite. The secret to kite flying is the wind and catching it just right. And when you do no matter how long your spool of string the kite will rise quickly to the end of that string and tug for more.

A young boy was walking the path with his mom and dad and seeing the tiny kite way up in the air he exclaimed, “Wow!” I asked him if he wanted to feel the tug of the string. He smiled and held on till his dad said, “Give the man back his kite.”

A few moments later a man came walking down the path and saw us looking up and thought we were bird watching. He said he had never gotten a kite to fly so I let him take a turn and feel it tug. I was about to just cut the string and set it free when he said he would like to try to bring it down. Linda and I were getting cold so I said to him, “The kite is yours.” And we watched him for a while from the warm truck winding the string back on the spool.

I never quite understood the expression, “Go fly a kite” for to me few experiences are quite as wonderful as feeling the tug of that string.

Your friend and fellow traveler, kite flyer,

David White

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