No Night So Long

Blog 2686 – 03.07.2023

No Night So Long

I have long been a fan of Dionne Warwick and some years ago on one of her many albums I found one of her lesser known songs that I believe to be one of her best. Attached are the entire lyrics and my own karaoke version of the song and a children’s story reading that seemed to fit with the today’s theme.

That first paragraph reminds me of how the old black preacher described the way he delivered all his sermons, “First I tells ‘em what I’m gonna tell ‘em. Then I tells ‘em what I tells ‘em. Lastly, I tells ‘em what I told ‘em.” Three years in Bible College never taught me any better way to deliver a message than that.

Nor did I ever hear nor deliver myself a more powerful lesson than Miss Warwick’s song and the little Sesame Street bedtime story tell so well.

Sweet dreams, Dear Hearts.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

No Night So Long

Nightly, Night

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