“You’re Either A Pirate or You’re Not A Pirate Ahrrrr…”

Blog 2687 – 03.08.2023

“You’re Either A Pirate or You’re Not A Pirate Ahrrrrr…”

Today’s title is from an inspector I worked with many years ago, Tim Welch. He lived for some years on the Florida coast and even owned a sail boat. He was a scuba diver and some of his best stories were from working with famed treasure hunter Mel Fisher. Tim was a pirate at heart, not the bad kind but the fun party kind.

When the rules get to be too confining and the work lack luster at best, imagine yourself sailing with the sea breeze in your face seeking treasure. There are treasures to be had, me laddies and lassies. Treasure islands await.

I often think of Tim and his stories of finding treasure at the bottom of the sea. I am so glad and grateful for the treasure stories he shared with me so many years ago now. As a boy like many boys and girls my age, I grew up watching Bob Keeshan’s long running CBS children’s show Captain Kangaroo. First thing every morning the Captain would take out his keys and open up the treasure house.

What treasure are laying around in your treasure house, fellow pirates?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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