A Few Of My Favorite Things

Blog 2684 -03.05.2023

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Mary Poppins sang of her favorite things. Love is discovering the favorites things of our beloved and making sure to shower and surround them with their favorite things. Tastes change and relationships to thrive and grow require attention. The candy and flowers that once delighted may not served to show we are paying attention as we should. Listening and watching are requirements of love and as a long ago lover once told me, “You won’t have to tell me if you no longer love me for you will just stop doing the little things that say so well how much you care.”

We all were children and many of us still are in more ways than we like to admit. Children require a lot of attention and have a short attention span. That fancy expensive new toy may often lay unattended with the crumpled wrapping paper while the child seems more fascinated with the many ways one can play with the box it came in especially if it’s a big enough box to get inside. It can be a cave, a castle, or a fort. When it is broken down and the sides are softened by play it can become a tank rolling over everyone and everything in its path.

With a little imagination it is not hard to discover what little things that are the favorites of children of all ages. Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up soon and one of my favorite Patty’s Day movies is The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. Mary Kate is not happy with Shaun until she is surrounded by “her things.” Shaun is slow to realize how important those favorite things of hers are to her, but he learns as we all do that “little things mean a lot.”

Take care of the little things for it is the little foxes that spoil the vines and in the same sense it is the little treasures around us that make us feel truly rich.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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