How Many Heart Beats?

Blog 2683 – 03.04.2023

How Many Heart Beats?

I am thinking about the first time I heard a tiny little heartbeat and knew that in a few short months a new baby would take center stage in my life. First time was my little girl Emily and ten years later my son Jonathan. Little did I know that Emily would have barely more than thirty-two years of heart beats. In a little less than a month Jonathan will celebrate thirty-three years of heart beats and he has already heard his little girl’s heart beat and with his lovely wife Lauren anxiously awaits her arrival.

None of us know how many heart beats we will have in this life. But we know as sure as there was a first that there will one day be a last. The old Timex watch commercial used to say, “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” Most of us have experienced at least one heart-breaking experience where we thought our heart would surely stop beating, but it did not, and we lived to tell the tale of unrequited or lost love.

My little granddaughter will experience a broken heart too someday and that tugs hard at a daddy and granddaddy’s heart for not only mama bears fearlessly protect their young. An early Bee Gees’ song said, “How can you mend this broken heart, how can a loser ever win? Help me mend my broken heart and let me love again.” Well friends the answer to a broken heart is in the song, “Love again.”

Some say, “What does not kill us only makes us stronger.” I say hearts were made to beat and to love. To me it is not just poetry that the hardest working organ in our bodies was picked to symbolize the seat of love for it is fearfully and wonderfully made to take licking and keep on ticking.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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