I Can, You Can

Blog 2682 – 03.03.2023

I Can, You Can

We are told that our bigger, better, best brain, our unconscious mind, does not recognize negatives. The New Testament in describing our loving and infinite source says that all his/her promises are “Yes, Yes.” Indeed if we, as pictured above, could ourselves just cut away and remove the apostrophe tee from the phrase “I can’t” we would see as the Universe ever sees, I can, and of every “Impossible” see only “I’m possible.”

My dad loved to recite certain poems that he had committed to memory. One of his favorite that I heard him hold court with more than once was, It Couldn’t Be Done by Edgar Guest:

The “Can’t Do” spirit has been with us since the beginning according to Bible account of a certain conversation with a crafty serpent in the garden. It is a conversation with more than a few “nots” and “nevers.” Read it for yourself in Genesis 3:1 – 24. There is way too much emphasis on “Shalt nots” especially the ten biggies listed latter in two of the five Books of Moses, the second and fifth, Exodus and Deuteronomy. I much prefer the two shalts, where Jesus emphasized the positive or “Can Do” spirit when he said, that all the old commandments were superseded two new ones, “You have heard it said but I say, Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God, with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and thou shalt love thy neighbor as you love yourself.”

They say a lot of things, but what do you say? I say “I can, you can.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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