A Pink Safe, Treasure, Stories, and Songs

Blog 2676 – 02.25.2023

A Pink Safe, Treasure, Stories, and Songs

One of the most beautiful but little regaled love song to me is Glen Campbell’s The Last Time I Saw Her Face and another equally lovely and far more celebrated is Robert Flack singing The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. Since being permitted to announce to the world and all my friends and family the arrival in approximately six months of a granddaughter I have thought much of seeing her sweet little face for the first time.

Yesterday I ordered and received the first little gift I plan to give my granddaughter, something practical a pink safe to keep her treasures in. I plan to include a gold coin and a silver coin and to add to them every year for as long as I live with the hope she will have at least thirty pieces of silver and thirty of gold in her little pink safe from her grandpa. If I shall be called away before completing that little task I trust someone else will. The story goes that the Baby Jesus had three wise guys come to see him when he was a baby bearing treasures to celebrate his birthday.

Before my daughter Emily was born almost forty-three years ago and my son Jonathan (the expectant father) almost thirty-three years ago I had very little extra treasure to buy them little safes or contribute treasure to them every year but poor poet that I have long been I did celebrate their birthdays with poetry, my gift being my songs.

I have always found inspiration to write rhyming lines of verse to those I love especially my children. I am sure it will be the same for my grandchild. With each annual deposit I will include a poem for Angel Baby and I will even try to write a melody to accompany each one as well.

Some years ago when my friend in Wisconsin got her granddaughter I read and recorded two hundred and ninety-four children’s books for little Amelia. These I have kept hoping to share them with another grand baby someday. I also have two hundred-fifty plus of my favorite karaoke songs recorded. These are the treasures I have saved and look forward to sharing with my grand baby and you again and again.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Your Song


Big Bus The Double Decker

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