A Wonderful Scene

Blog 2675 – 02.24.2023

A Wonderful Scene

In one of my favorite more recent movies, The Gifted, there is a wonderful scene where a loving uncle who has raised his niece after the tragic death of his sister sees her little heart broken over her birth father whom she has never met not even coming to see her when he was in town. The uncle takes his niece to a nearby hospital waiting room to see something he knows will cheer her up. They wait and wait for what seems like a very long time and the little girl starts to doze off. Her uncle awakens her just in time to see a worn out young father in scrubs come out into the lobby to announce, “It’s a girl” to the cheers of his waiting friends and family. Then the uncle whispers in his nieces’s ear, “It was just like that when you were born.”

She smiles and says, “Can we do it again?” So they wait for the next baby to be born and this time she gets up and celebrates with the waiting room crowd like one of their family members.

Babies being born is a wonderful time in loving families. And we are all a part of a big and loving family whether we realize always or not. I shared yesterday my jubilation at the knowledge that in about six months I will get to be a grandpa for the first time. How thrilling and I fully intend to do my part to help insure that one little girl from day one knows how deeply and completely she is worshipped and adored. And I know the Old Testament admonishment, “Thou shalt have know other gods before me.” I think a man must have written that or copied it wrong or something for I prefer a much clearer New Testament scripture, “God is all in all.” Namaste, Baby Girl, and all you extended family, I bow to the deity in you.

Your friend, fellow traveler, and forever fan,

David White


Don’t Worry, Baby

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