On This Date

Blog 2660 -02.09.2023

On This Date

February ninth has been a day to remember for me as long as far back as I can remember. On this day in 1950 my mom and dad were married. My cousin Glenn was born on this date a year before they wed and I arrived in late November 1950.

In one of my all-time favorite movies While You Were Sleeping the Callahan’s neighbor and dear friend Saul tells Peter’s “fiancée” Lucy that his wife of many years died on February 9th. Days that have a special significance seem to stand out to us more, like makes of cars that we have owned or the names of people we have loved they seem to loom large in our consciousness appearing to us again and again.

Every day is someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary, or the anniversary of a beloved’s passing. The more birthdays we have the more significant other other days become as well. Religious people marked certain days of remembrances and called them “holy days” from which our term holiday derives. Though my mom passed almost twenty-three years ago and my dad almost twenty-six, their wedding anniversary is still a special holy day/ holiday to me.

On this date seventy-three years ago a young couple took solemn vows before a justice of the peace less than a mile from where they would live most of their forty-seven years together. I am so glad they did and I celebrate February ninth and James Clifford White and Alene Florence Davidson White on this day especially.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Young At Heart

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