Signs Of An Early Spring

Blog 2659 – 02.08.2023

Signs Of An Early Spring

A couple of days before Christmas we in the Houston, Texas area had our sub-freezing temperatures for the winter and there are already signs of spring. A friend of mine who lives in Wisconsin texts me weather reports of cold temperatures, snow, and ice where winter reigns supreme from Halloween till Memorial Day and sometimes beyond.

Our son Jonathan was born in Houston on April 3rd, 1990. That is blue bonnet time in Southeast Texas. Long before the blue bonnets bloom there are plenty of signs of spring. Just before the pre-Christmas freeze I brought three large pots of elephant ear plants into the house to spare them. I moved two pots back outside over the weekend. Signs are good we will not have another freeze till next Christmas.

My wife and son do not care for cold weather. Where I grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee we had four pretty much equal seasons. I have lived most of my life now in Houston where there is a very long summer, brief spring and fall, and hardly any winter. I have experienced more than one winter here without a frost let alone a freeze.

The trees here are already putting on green leaves and the early blossoms abound. These are the sure signs of an early spring. By Valentines Day most years we have shed and packed away what little winter clothing we have and are back wearing tee shirts and shorts.

Houston is about the same latitude as Jacksonville, Florida as Aberdeen, Scotland is with Homer, Alaska. I am glad and grateful to have experienced all four places and many more. I still itch to experience spring, summer, winter, and fall from as many vantage points as possible, trusting the Universe to make this and all my dreams come true.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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