It’s Groundhog Day All Over Again

Blog 2653 – 02.02.2023

It’s Groundhog Day All Over Again

Over and over till we get it right is the theme of many books and movies. Two that immediately come to mind are Groundhog Day and All About Time.

In the first, weatherman Bill Murray is cursed to relive February 2nd over and over again till he gets it right, but not until he first despairs of living so much that he takes his life in a hundred different ways only to wake up again as he did those hundreds of days before to Sonny and Cher singing, I’ve Got You, Babe.

I have watched and rewatched Groundhog Day many times and the same is true of another romantic comedy where reliving days is the theme, the 2013 film All About Time with Domhnall Gleason and Rachel McAdams.

We all have our favorite movies and our favorite days that we enjoy rewatching and reliving till we can recite from memory everyone’s lines. We are all in that regard, time and space travelers. I happen to believe that we have not just One Life To Live but that these are The Days Of Our Lives and that the true genius behind the Universe our highest, best,and brightest self has designed it so that we get as many do-overs as necessary till we finally get it right.

And then what you might ask. My answer with a knowing smile, “Why, more of the same, till everybody else gets it right.”

Your friend and fellow traveler in time and space,

David White

Long, Long Time

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