Angels Unaware Or Perhaps Not

Blog 2636 – 01.16.2023

Angels Unaware or Perhaps Not

Abraham Lincoln,one of my heroes even though I was born and bred in the southern United States, said, “All that I am I owe to my angel mother.” Like most boys I loved my mother and she was an angel to me. I was grown before I even realized that she had feet of clay as the saying goes.

Mama was not perfect, but even with all her imperfections she was a perfect mother to me. This year will mark twenty-three years since my mother tired of living to the point that she took her own life. I miss her and think of her every day. She and my dad were married forty-seven years and he preceded her in death by three years.

One of my little morning rituals that is like a separate little daily mantra is to say aloud before the bathroom mirror, “I love you, Mama, I love you, Daddy, I love you, Baby” as I look into the eyes that remind me that all that I am I owe to the angels in my life.

Peter Cetera and Cher sing in their classic hit “After All” the line “Angels who’ve been rescued from the fall.” Love does that for all of us. I am so grateful to have had loving parents and I have tried to be that for my children. I followed the advice of a high school teacher who though she never married advise us boys to pick a good mother for our children.

The Bible says, “Many have entertained angels unaware” but far more of us are well aware of the angels that we have encountered in this life.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

After All ( Wedding Song) By Peter Cetera And Cher With Lyrics

After All ( Wedding Song) By Peter Cetera And Cher With Lyrics

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