Up, Up, And Away In My Beautiful Balloon

Blog 2635 – 01.15.2023

Up, Up, And Way In My Beautiful Balloon

The nineteen seventies Fifth Dimension song “Up, Up, And Away” helped spawn a resurgence of beauty balloon rallies across the country and around the world. It has become an item on many people’s bucket lists this desire to go for a ride high in a beautiful balloon.

Yesterday my beautiful wife and I completed the beautiful balloon jigsaw puzzle above. It is not our first and will most likely not be our last. A year ago, a week in Paris, France, and a ride in a beautiful balloon were both on our bucket lists, but priorities change as do we with time and circumstances. We have both learned to be grateful for the little pleasures that we have so long taken for granted like walking together, talking together, sharing a meal together at a local restaurant.

Some weeks ago a boyhood friend of our son was shot down in the course of his work as a security guard. He has been in intensive care on a respirator till just last week. My son texted me on Friday that he visited Justin in the hospital and that he was in good spirits and has a strong upper body and would begin therapy this week. It remains to be seen if he will walk again. Those of us who love him sure hope so, but even if he doesn’t there is still so much to be thankful for, the breath of life being high on that list.

Many of us will only ever know Up, Up, And Away In My Beautiful Balloon as an analogy of something at the top of the hierarchical list of the seven emotions, depression being the lowest and rapture being the highest. Even anger they say is a step up from depression. We should remember that and be more patient with all the angry people we encountered. They are either climbing out of despair or sinking into it so they deserve not our judgement but our compassion.

We cannot live our lives always on the mountain top or high in a beautiful balloon, but we can dream even in the darkest night and deepest valley of sunny days and rainbows high above the clouds.

Sweet Dreams, Dear Hearts.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

In dreams balloonist extraordinaire,

David White

The 5th Dimension – Up, Up and Away (Official Audio)

The 5th Dimension – Up, Up and Away (Official Audio)

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