After A Big Unwrap 2022 Is Almost A Wrap

Blog 2615 – 12.26.2022

After A Big Unwrap 2022 Is Almost A Wrap

Yesterday at a family gathering where many presents were exchanged and unwrapped I saw the largest plastic bag I had every seen for collecting and disposing of Christmas wrapping.

I teased my niece Michelle who entertained us all in her lovely home with her husband Jacob and their two sons Connor and Carter, “You should have gotten a bigger bag.” Big as it was I am sure the garbage handlers, sanitation engineers, will have no difficulties hoisting it into their truck.

Less than a week now remains of 2022 and this time of year we often pause to reflect on all the celebrities, friends, and loved ones who have passed this year. By the time you get to my age that list can seem almost as big as the bag I mentioned above. My first official girl friend, Becky, passed last August just before her birthday. Two guys that were dear friends at important times in my life also passed this year. Those three are gone but not forgotten as are so many it seems.

It makes a fellow wonder, but only briefly, how much longer my run will go. I am still making plans to travel and see a great deal more of this big beautiful ball. For the time being all my travel plans are on hold, still I think there are a few adventures left. We shall see. Do enjoy these fleeting days of 2022. This time next week it will be a new year, Honey.

You friend and fellow traveler.

David White

A Whole New World

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