Sharing Your Genius

Blog 2576 – 11.17.2022

Sharing Your Genius

There is a wide world of inspiration out there from which to choose. Being a writer is an audacious and presumptuous undertaking. A couple of days ago I shared a Vincent Van Gogh quote about how to still that inner voice that says you can’t paint by painting. The same is true of writing, singing, dancing, or any of the multitude of ways we might choose to show our genius.

Still and silence that voice that says you can’t, not by arguing with it, but by showing it and all the world, “By God, I can.” I believe God is our higher best self so those words are not sacrilege, but sacred to me.

I swear by all that is in me

To do and give my very best

To find an encouraging word

Leave nay saying to the rest.

To write & silence the voice

Raising doubts in my chest

A voice denying the genius

With which all are blessed.

You tell ‘em Vincent.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Starry, Starry Night (Vincent)

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