Even Our Negative Are Heard Positively

Blog 2574 – 11.15.2022

Even Our Negatives Are Heard Positively

The reason reverse psychology works so effectively is that our subconscious interpret negatives as positives. The Universe, our higher self, sees and hears all our passion-wrapped intentions and realigns the stars to make them manifest for us.

Our today is ever the answer to yesterday due to time delay. One of the phrases that I have come to repeat daily in my mantra is, “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in my sight, O Lord, my strength, my rock, and my redeemer.”

The Universe has but one setting, “Whatsoever you ask believing is yours” so the age old adage is too true, “Be careful what you ask for.” And indeed be mindful of how you phrase your requests, your wishes, your prayers, your intentions.” “Can’t” is not in the Universe’s lexicon, because it cannot hear or even entertain the negative. So when we think or say things like, “I do not want to be poor” all our higher self hears is “I do want to be poor” and like the genie that Aladdin summoned from the lamp answered his every request, the Universe answers, “Your wish is my command.”

Don’t believe me? Untie that “not” of course you do. You have only to start paying a little more attention to your thoughts and especially the more passionate ones and their accompanying self-talk and you will have all the evidence you need to believe that thoughts do indeed become things and that we always get what we ask for.

When you catch yourself being negative realize there is no place for no(s) or not(s) and rearrange your thoughts and rephrase you words to say what you mean and mean what you say. And remember in the original story of Aladdin and the Lamp, the genie granted endless wishes not just three, so if we miss the mark or mangle a few wishes like everything in this time-space construction we can try try again.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Rewrite The Stars

Remember there is no “Can’t” in the dictionary of our loving and infinite source, our higher self, whose promise is always, “Yes, Yes, Yes we can.”

Just after posting today’s blog I received the following Note from the Universe:

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