Remembering Elvis

Blog 2561 – 11.02.2022

Remembering Elvis

I remember as a boy of five that my parents let me stay up late one Sunday night to watch a new performer from our home state of Tennessee sing live on the Ed Sullivan Show. He had a most unusual name, Elvis Presley. About that same time as an act of devotion to the new king of rock in roll and as an advertising stunt, a local disc jockey locked himself in the radio station control booth and played Heart Break Hotel over and over for twenty four hours.” A few years later a boyhood friend shared a magazine article that he had read about how fame had changed Elvis’s life so much that he had to rent a movie theater to see a recently released movie and how a bunch of girls had ruined the paint job on his new pink Cadillac by covering it with lipstick kisses. It must have been hard as he said living up to the image, always under the microscope of millions of adoring fans.

I prefer the point of view in this case of the Apostle Paul who wrote in his second letter to the church in Corinth:

The image is of fire carried in clay pots, the light within shining out through the cracks. Elvis was like a shining star, but so are we all. Some of the words that I say to myself aloud everyday are:

“I go within, I mirror you, I admire you, I worship you.” Paul again spoke of a looking glass once when he wrote, “We see as in a glass darkly but then we shall see face to face.” Then we shall know what some of us have already begun to guess, just Who and Whose we truly are.

Your friend, fellow traveler, and adoring fan,

David White

All Shook Up

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