Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

Blog 2560 – 11.01.2022

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

I especially like today’s picture quote because it reminds me of some words purported to have been said by Jesus, “Do not let the world press you into its mold.” It is a big mistake thinking that our mission here is to tame all the wild things or to be tamed by them. When we decided to venture yet again into the wilds of this time and space jungle it was to experience yet another adventure of a lifetime not to spend our time at the zoo where all the wild beasts are caged.

Given a chance, lands that were once stripped of trees and plowed into neat little rows will grow new forests and attract wild creatures again and flourish. Within each one of us is a wild thing wanting nothing more than to be free. In all our wildest dreams we are free. Do you even recall the last time you let that marvelous creature off it’s leash?

Today is All Saints Day and last night ravenous creatures roamed the streets going door to door threatening tricks if they were not given treats. Fueled by sugary treats, little monsters may be bouncing off the walls for several days to come. But what of that wild thing within that resists sainthood as it stands apart from the tribe? Even in our wonderful Oneless we are nevertheless each a unique and deliciously diverse expression of deity.

“No matter what they tell you, no matter what they do, no matter where they take you, what you believe is true” – you wild thing you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


No Matter What

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