You Never Walk Alone

Blog 2562 – 11.03.2022

You Never Walk Alone

From the time a baby takes his or her first steps the illusion grows strong that we are on our on. We never are and though the myth of isolation looms large there will come a sure and certain time when it no longer moves us, when we are fully aware that we never have nor ever will walk alone. The Psalmist wrote, “Though I find myself in hell, you are with me.”

Or as Winston Churchill put it:

Even a usually very wordy guy like myself can realize when he has said or written all there is to say on a subject and that I must leave it to the listen or reader to fill in the blanks. We are not alone, and need no alien from a distant star to arrive to prove that. Just go within, where all the real answers reside and there you will find out just Who and Whose you are and that you are never alone.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

You’ll Never Walk Alone

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