Trick Or Treat

Blog 2559 -10.31.2022

Trick Or Treat

Some people think that western culture has gone to the dogs or that our whole world is going to hell in a hand basket. First, I do not believe that my loving and infinite source, my higher and best self, would ever wish an eternal burning hell of torment upon anyone. That being said is life meant to be a trick or a treat. If you listen to a lot of people you would have to conclude life is but one conspiracy after another. Oh, and there are always a few sour or bad apples in the barrel, but not so many as it may seem and they have too difficult a time cooperating together to pull off these supposed great conspiracies.

Focusing on the treat and not the pee on your feet is my advice. This is after all is said and done a pretty wonderful world with the potential for even better days ahead. Whether you are into the goblins, ghouls, and ghosts of Halloween or the saints and angels of All Saints Day, this is your time of year.

Happy Holidays to all and may your goody bag and your cup always be full to overflowing.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

What A Wonderful World

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