Blog 2545 -10.16.2022


The heart’s desire of the poet in me has always been “To write stories and songs that touch.” The quote today from Emily Dickinson speaks of finding shelter in the storm of life. How comforting it is to find someone we can share our secrets with and we theirs.

Home has long been regarded as one of the three most beloved words in the English language, the other two being heaven and mother. Today’s topic “Shelter” embodies all three of those dear words. Food and shelter are always high on any hierarchy of needs.

At the funerals of both my father and mother, three years apart, my dear cousin Gail Miller Johnston sang the song “Sheltered In the Arms of God.”

Here are a few lines from that song:

Looking back over this almost seventy-two year adventure in time and space I can recall more than a few stormy times when I needed shelter. One very vivid memory of such a time was almost fifty-three years ago on a jet over the Pacific Ocean on my way to Vietnam. I found shelter in another song I had learned as a boy, it’s words rang like a bell in my heart and mind:

Far be it from me to indorse any particular religion for there are already way too many who claim to worship the one true god, belong to the one true church, and who are more than willing to share their “take on God.”

It is my humble opinion that as the saying goes “Any port in a storm is a welcome one.” Still the best and often most reliable shelter can be had in the sure and certain knowledge of Who and Whose you truly are.

Believe it or not you are the Lord of Glory, the Great and Everlasting I Am. You may think me a nut for saying it, but in a nutshell that is Who and Whose I am, we are, have ever and always will be. Find shelter in that if you will.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Keep Each Other Warm

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