The Best Of Intentions

Blog 2544 – 10.15.2022

The Best Of Intentions

Yesterday, three things, four, that I have been waiting for came to me. Two came in the mail, and the other two I had to drive to a nearby Walmart to get. The two things that came in my mailbox are my new AARP card and my mail-in ballot in next month’s mid-term election. The two things I had to drive to Walmart for are my second COVID-19 booster and my annual flu shot.

I mailed the check for the renewal of mine and my wife’s AARP cards on August 29th and had received many “it’s time to renew your AARP card” notices since. I actually received another renewal offer in the pieces of mail that came yesterday with the one that contained the new cards. I had begun to believe that my mail-in ballot was not going to arrive by election time and that I would need to vote in-person, but it came too yesterday and I intend to mail it in this morning.

For about a month I have been patiently but persistently trying to persuade my wife to go with me to get our COVID boosters and annual flu shots. Since her forced hospital visits in February and March she has been understandably hesitant of all things medical. But I told her that I I would get mine whether she got hers or not because I did not want to be sick and unable to take care of her. One of my highest and best intentions is to care for her the best I can for as long as I can.

I have for some months mentioned lines and words from my daily mantra that I recite as a prayer. Today I share with you the concluding lines:

“I make these and all my intentions for the highest good of the Universe, myself, and everyone every where. So be it and it is so. Ah man, and ah woman, aye men and aye women.”

I include that disclaimer lest any of my intentions stray from that lofty aim for I only want the best and the highest of my intentions to ever come true. We used to say before any election or important contest, “May the best man win.” I hope the best men or women do just that in less than a month.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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