We Can Do All Things

Blog 2543 – 10.14.2022

We Can Do All Things

That “can do” spirit can help us accomplish the seeming impossible. One of my favorite lines attributed to the Apostle Paul is, “I can do all things through Christ that enables me.” I ceased being a Christian per se many years ago, but still hold onto much of the positive elements I still see in his and his disciples’ teachings.

It was theorized by Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, that passed down from previous generations are archetypes, role models of our higher best self that we all knowingly or unknowingly worship as our higher best self. They are per his list:

In the HBO series Game of Thrones and it’s prequel House of the Dragon, both inspired by the books of George R.R. Martin, showcased is the seven faced god of the seven kingdoms, the Father, the Mother, the Maiden, the Crone, the Warrior, the Smith and the Stranger. They are similar to Jung’s archetypes. God it seems is where we find him or her. I often quote another line by Paul to try to explain my own idea of God as the Universe. Paul wrote: “God is all in all.”

As a life-long Jew and in later life a Christian, Paul took very serious the Psalmist proclamation, “Hear, O Israel, the Lord God is One.” Once in the city of Athens he saw the statues and monuments to a pantheon of Greek and Roman gods and also observed that in case they had missed one, there was even one to “the unknown god.” Paul used that as an entree to introduce them to his idea of the one true God.

Three short statements in my daily mantra remind me to look for the many faces of deity: “I mirror you. I admire you. I worship you.” I believe that behind, in, and through all things bright and beautiful, and dark and mysterious as well is the face of god.

I can still recall the line from the poem High Flight that used to air daily on TV when I was a boy as a U.S. Air Force recruiting ad describing the exhilaration of piloting an aircraft:

We can do all things because we are all things. We have only to remember Who and Whose we truly are.

Your friend and fellow traveler.

David White


I Believe In You

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