Overcoming The Fear Of Going Too Far, Dean Koontz

Blog 2515 -9.14.2022

Overcoming The Fear Of Going Too Far, Dean Koontz

One of my favorite authors, Dean Koontz, often quotes T.S. Elliot. Today’s picture quote is classic Elliot and also Koontz. Years ago when I read my first Koontz novel I knew I had to have more and so I started searching used book stores for his books. That was before Kindle and Amazon’s vast readily available library. I still have three long shelves of Koontz books and I have read every one. I have his Odd Thomas series on Kindle that I can re-read anytime I like on my IPhone or IPad.

Even after I had read several books by Koontz I never thought to search for his books in the horror genre section. To me his books were always so positive that I just thought of them as great novels. Koontz is definitely not fearful of going too far and is happy to take his readers with him, placing no limits on his imagination.

I have been fortunate to have spent the greater part of the last years of my work life traveling. But even before those eye-opening trips, great authors like Koontz showed me the world through their well-told stories. Koontz like many authors found himself pigeon-holed or type casted by his audience and so he wrote also in other genres than Horror under several other names and built different audiences under those names as well. What a wonderful limitless imagination he has, always looking to push the envelope and a few buttons as well in the process.

Thank you sir, for your stories, scary at times, mysterious at others, but ever and always encouraging the reader to stay with you to the last page.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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