Seeing The Best Of Others And Ourselves

Blog 2514 – 09.13.2022

Seeing The Best In Others And Ourselves

Famed comedian cowboy and political satirist Will Rogers once quipped, “I never met a man I didn’t like.” As I doubt he was just trying to sound politically correct, I think his point was that if we look hard enough we can see something likable in everyone, even ourselves.

But, just how do we teach ourselves to see the best in everyone, ourselves included? I think we must begin with the one person we spend all our lives with, and should know best, ourselves. Seeing ourselves is not always easy. Oh, a mirror may help us comb our hair, brush our teeth, trim our nose hair, or remove the wax from our ears, but we can see our true selves best using others as mirrors. The attitudes and behaviors of others that irritate and enrage us the most are but reflections of those same attitudes and behaviors that we may not recognize in ourselves. I hear a chorus of people saying, “Crazy Dave, that just isn’t so!” Isn’t it? Why do such things bother us at all if they do not hit a little too close to home?

The Apostle Paul, despite his rather narrow view of most things did share some pretty astute observations at times. He wrote, “You, oh man, who judge another, are guilty of the same offenses.” I have often remarked that when I hear someone loudly bemoan a particular behavior that they find especially grievous, I make a mental note to watch out for that very self-same behavior in them. Example, whenever I hear anyone say, “I can tolerate anything but a liar,” I figure that person has a problem telling the truth. For all men are liars, intentionally sometimes, ignorantly often times, but to spare someone else’s or our own feelings, most of the time. So why is lying such a big problem? Because it is “our problem.”

On a more positive note, we can also see the best in ourselves by observing others as well. Those behaviors and attitudes that we find most pleasant and attractive in others are to be found in us as well. Others bring out the best in us and we in them.

I mentioned a few days ago that I recently revised my ever evolving daily mantra to include: “I mirror you. I admire you. I worship you.” You see, I believe that we are individually and collectively divine. That, as far as I am concerned best answers the questions, “Who and Whose am I? And, “Who and Whose are you?” Even most of the great religions hint at it, but if we follow the clues and look into all those wonderful mirrors around us, we will see the truth. The real holy Trinity is He/She/We. Before you accuse me of blasphemy, remember to check those side-view mirrors and thar rear-view mirror as well. “I mirror you. I admire you. I worship you.” Namaste, pilgrims.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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