To Some Change Is A Fearful Thing

Blog 2446 – 07.06.2022

To Some Change Is A Fearful Thing

The dinosaurs and later the Neanderthals fought being replaced, but they were anyway and not by bigger stronger creatures, but by more intelligent ones because the hallmark of true intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

We are all tempted, especially as we age and begin to realize that we too will soon be replaced, to fight progress and to mythologize our past. There is a proverb that says it is silly to speak of “the good old days” and indeed it is for these are the good old days, the days that matter most.

Each new day is filled with opportunities to make things and ourselves better. And looking back to some imaginary golden age is a sure way to miss out on those opportunities. The same can be said of trying to make a better world without becoming better people. Much of what has been called progress was really just crimes committed and attempting to excuse them by saying that the end justifies the means. It never has and never will.

Real progress seldom comes through Revolution, but through slow incremental well thought-out, planned, and executed improvement. Being in too big a hurry can be as big a hinderance to real progress as dragging our feet. What good is two steps forward quickly if it takes three steps back to repair the mistakes made and the damage done?

Intelligent people know you must convince, that conquering is never enough. The slighted always rise up to tear it down or to take it all back eventually. We have all had bosses that acted as if the only intelligent ideas were the ones than came out of their own mouths. Intelligent people care less about credit than seeing things change for the better and so they just keep at it till minds are changed. That, my friends, opens the door to real progress.

We move forward together or not at all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Rewrite The Stars

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