Three Basics

Blog 2414 – 06.04.2022

Three Basics

One of my favorite Meryl Streep movies is The Bridges of Madison County, where she and Clint Eastwood have a brief love affair that colors the rest of their lives. When I saw this quote from her yesterday, I whispered a heart-felt “Amen” and knew I would use it this morning for this piece.

We are all quite basic and for all our pretensions otherwise the three things Miss Streep mentions above, love, sex, and food, do contribute most to our happiness. Remove any one of those three things from the human equation and both Jack and Jill are dull, listless, and unhappy people.

Women like to think that they are the romantics and that men only think about sex and food. Granted often men might order the big three a little differently than the quote above, say sex, food, and love, or food, sex, and love. I am thinking of a line from the famous chick flick, The Notebook, where the young woman’s first experience with sex has her wanting it again, and again, and again till the young man cries out he must have food to continue. Like most men I have dreamed of finding a girl with such an appetite or somehow awakening that girl in the one woman that I have spent more time with than any other and plan to spend the rest of my days and nights with, my lovely and loving true wife, Linda Lee.

I don’t think the order of those three things is all that important only that it is very important that we have all three in our lives to be happy, healthy, and whole. Most of the romantic poets have been men, ladies. And Nicolas Sparks wrote the book, The Notebook, from which the movie was made and many others that I have read and watched too. Even most women who say they want more than sex would admit they do not want a love relationship with a partner that is less than sex.

The line from a Rosemary Clooney song comes to mind, “But most of all when snow flakes fall, I wish you love.” But I also wish you lots of good food to eat and lots of great sex to burn off those extra calories, and heal those those bruises and slights that come with living. I wish everyone a happy ending everyday. If a butterfly’s wings flapping can start a hurricane we know what movement keeps this old world spinning around and around.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

After The Lovin’

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