The Last Farewell

Blog 2413 – 06.03.2022

The Last Farewell

The crazy quilt that is our life is the stitched together memories of many partings. We soon learn, hard as we may try to deny it, that all relationships are transitory. If we live long enough we will say good-bye to everyone we love. That is a sad fact of these journeys in space and time, still we continue like the intrepid crew of the Starship Enterprise to volunteer to explore, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Each of those brave explorers left family and friends behind to pursue this adventure and will lose many a fellow crew member along the way, especially those red-shirted landing party members it would seem. Life, we used to sing in the nineteen fifties, is a holiday on Primrose Lane, but even the fifties, to some a golden era, was a time filled with many painful partings, and was not a holiday for many especially the marginalized.

Happily all partings need not be painful. I am thinking of the choices we make to part with beliefs that we have found no longer serving us like:

We are the chosen ones, better, smarter, more deserving than others.

It was an always silly, self-serving, unsubstantiated belief. In The United Kingdom this year many are celebrating the longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth Two. I saw an article yesterday day that said in the last seventy years that the kingdom has changed but not Elizabeth. I found that idea both silly and a bit intriguing. Of course, the UK has changed, but so has she and the monarchy she has worked so hard to protect and keep in place.

There will be a parting in the not too distant future for the UK and it’s long reigning queen. Some are wondering if her son Charles will ever be king or if William will be king after her. We in the states swore off kings and queens a couple of centuries ago Although we have had more than our share people in power who attempted to start their own dynasties. Parting with some of them was not nearly so painful as enduring even four years of their overinflated egos – egos that find defeat and rejection especially hard to accept. Like partings, defeats, and rejections are a part of life too. Either get used to it, or retire to Florida, where many who refuse to let go beliefs passed their expiration date go to die,

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Last Farewell

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