Common Law and Common Beliefs

Blog 2415 – 06.05.2022

Common Law and Common Beliefs

For a civilized society to survive and to prosper there must be some agreed upon facts and beliefs. It is not necessary that we agree upon everything, we must however agree on some guiding principles like the ole saw, “One person’s freedom ends where another’s nose begins.” Another that comes to mind is, “Everyone matters or no one matters.”

The very idea that a young man barely eighteen was allowed to purchase an assault rifle and walk into a nearby elementary school and gun down nineteen fourth graders and two teachers and that we as a so-called civilized society cannot agree on better saner gun regulations and better policing of them to prevent acts such as this from continuing to happening over and over again is ludicrous.

I do not believe any interpretation of the Second Amendment secures anyone’s right to do what the young man who perpetrated the above crime and was eventually shot and killed did. We simply have to find common ground on issues like this or the civilized society we have worked hard to establish and maintain will further crumble into chaos where the fastest gun is the only rule of law like some mostly mythical dime novel about the Wild, Wild West.

The gun manufacturers would have us believe that it was the six gun and the repeating Winchester rifle that tamed the Wild West but it was law coming to the territory and swords being beaten into plowshares. The law book and the plow more than six shooters and rifles are what won the west.

One last quote to remember, “They who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” Let is not forget the hard won progress civilization has made, oh there is always room for improvement and the addressing of grievances while maintaining law and order, but it is building brick upon brick, not tearing down that improves society, building bridges to bring us together, not walls to hide behind and shoot at one another.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Let’s Drop The Big One

Author’s note: I think the original writers of the U.S. Constitution might very well if they had known of weapons like the AR15 considered them “weapons of mass destruction” and sought to ban them for private ownership as we have nuclear weapons. Randy Newman’s song is meant to be ironic and satirical, not taken seriously by eighteen year olds or eighty year olds.

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