The Benefit Of Taking A Day Off

Blog 2407 – 05.28.2022

The Benefit Of Taking A Day Off

Legend has it that even the great Creator, Dream Weaver, after a very busy first week on the job took one day off to rest and gather his/her thoughts. Some believe Moses wrote the first five books of the Old Testament including the Genesis creation story, more than a few years after the purported events were supposed to have taken place. It was Moses who codified the rules and regulations of Judaism including the weekly day-off or Sabbath.

Most working folks enjoy a day off work and look forward all week to a little free time to spend with family, fishing or pursuing other hobbies. In the U.S. we have in most part become a nation of spectators so many spend their day off, especially if it is Saturday or Sunday, watching games, either professional, semi-pro, or sports their children or grandchildren participate in.

The intent of the day-off was rest and relaxation and not religious observance. In my humble opinion keeping the day “holy” should not mean congregating for the the purpose of reinforcing things we still barely or no longer believe, but for enjoying one another’s company or the quiet solitude of a mountain trail, babbling stream, or wave beaten beach. Communing with each other or the natural world are both good ways to honor our sacred day off.

In this country we have become so expert at observing the day off that many of us make a two-day weekend of it. Others have even adopted a four day week and some even a work schedule of three days on and two days off. Sadly many more people must work two or three jobs with little or no time off just to make ends meet and provide for their families. The Lord of the Sabbath had a better plan in mind, “And on the seventh day he/she rested from his/her labors.” It was and still is a good benefit plan.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White (retired)

A Million Dreams

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