Power To Soothe The Savage Beast

Blog 2405 – 05.26.2022

Power To Soothe The Savage Beast

It has been said of music, but all forms of art have the power to soothe and to comfort. With little formal training we can teach ourselves not just to appreciate art, but to find solace in the gifts of others and even our own.

Can’t sing? Make a joyful noise or just listen. Can’t paint? Take photos or just lose yourself in someone else’s eye for beauty.

How do we develop this eye for beauty, this ear for music? Some would say we are born with them, others that the eyes and ears are trained and developed over time. And both explanations are partially true, but the whole truth is that we are each of us works of art from the mind and hand of the great Artist.

To quote a song briefly popular in contemporary Christian music in the mid-seventies, “He’s a poet, he’s a painter, he’s a natural rainbow maker.”

Personally, I think the First People have a better take on art and creation with their Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Great Spirit interpretation of the natural and spiritual world within and without. Native American art is some of the most beautiful in the world. Indigenous people create their art from materials at hand reflecting back to our eyes the beauty within their own souls.

That last line reminded me of a phrase from a love song that I recall often, “The loveliness of you.” The artist eye is alway open to see the beauty all around us which is a reflection of that beauty with in us. People often say things like, “I don’t know much about art, I only know what I like.” What else is there to know?

Your friend, fellow traveler, fellow artist, and patron of the arts,

David White


You’re Beautiful

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