Yesterday Once More

Yesterday Once More

Blog 2403 – 05.24.2022

Many folks my age resist technology and are suspicious of it’s hold especially on the young. This is nothing new as parents and grandparents have always warned that new-inventions would be the ruination of us all i.e. the horseless carriage, the phonograph, the telephone, the radio, television, the computer, cell-phones and the list goes on.

I pick on conservative’s especially devout ones like the Amish for both their failure to accept the new and their tenacious clinging to the past. But, to some degree, most all of us are forced to accept change by circumstances beyond our control, like when the manufacturer just quits making our favorite brand and we are forced to try something new.

More of us than care to admit have been dragged into this new century kicking and screaming all the way and most if not all of that protesting was and is so unnecessary. Accepting and adapting to gradual change is a part of life. And the faster and more readily we adapt to the small incremental changes the easier the big ones that come our way are to get used to.

I was teasing my wife a few days ago that I keep seeing my dad in the mirror. My dad died almost twenty five years ago at aged seventy-three. I will be there, if I live, in about a year and a half. The type-writer above came out when my dad was a boy and on that very one he pounded out his autobiographical stories in all caps. On a lap top, I-phone, or I-pad I peck out my daily blog, and heaven only knows how I will be publishing it in a few years hence if I still can. Podcasts have taken the place of many blogs and some prefer having books and things read to them. I still think there is magic in the printed word and that yesterday is still very much a part of today.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Yesterday Once More

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