The Marking Of Milestones

Blog 2401 – 05.22.2022

The Marking Of Milestones

Today, I passed the twenty-four hundred mark in my quest to write ten thousand blogs. Today is also the first wedding anniversary of my son Jonathan and his lovely wife Lauren. It is a natural thing for all of us to celebrate achievement milestones in our lives.

When the grand babies come along (no hurry kids) Lauren and Jay will have lots of milestones to celebrate as will two complete sets of grandparents for as long as we can with them. (No pressure, kids, really.)

A friend of mine back in my hometown of Chattanooga keeps many of us who have lost touch with former classmates informed regarding their departures from this life. Through Eddie I learned just last week of the passing of one of our classmates, Sandra Norris. I last spoke to her face to face in 2015 at a fortieth reunion of our ninth grade class. She reminded me that I had written her a poem in Junior High where I compared her to Helen of Troy. She had kept it all those years.

Also last week I learned of the passing of one of my best buddies for many years, Roger S. Watkins. We had not spoken in several years, but I will always remember him fondly. Death is, I believe but another milestone and not the millstone hanging around our necks or over our heads like the sword of Damocles. It is a door we must all pass through. I am of the opinion many times, though the price of admission to a new life may be surrendering temporarily our memories of past lives and death experiences. Sometimes I wonder just how many go rounds I have already experienced or will yet.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this one and look forward to spoiling a grand baby or two yet. It is exciting, the thought of meeting family who has not heard all of my stories. (No hurry, kids, and put your fingers down, I am aware I have already mentioned that several times.)

Congratulations on that first or fiftieth wedding anniversary or birthday, graduation, or whatever particular milestone you are marking today. Life can indeed seem like a broken merry go round at times, but this particular ride will end for us all soon enough, so enjoy the ride.

Your friend, fellow traveler, and aspiring grandpa, (as I may have mentioned a time or six)

David White

Broken Merry Go Round

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